storytelling for brands with documentary style

Documentary-Style Story Telling: Could it be your brand’s best differentiator?

storytelling for brands with documentary styleTruthfulness. Authenticity. Integrity.

These are all qualities people associate with documentary filmmaking. They’re also traits consumers prize when choosing brands and companies.

This is a compelling reason for companies to employ documentary-style storytelling in corporate videos. This is especially true given the need for multi-media content, which is so easy to share in today’s digital environment.

The documentary medium is becoming increasingly in demand with the public. Netflix and HBO have popularized the format, and since 2012, documentaries have quickly risen from 5% to over 18% of all movie releases.

Innovative marketers like Nike and Dove and Fitbit are embracing this filmmaking style in commercials and branded digital content, with good reason. We’re not seeing that same trend in corporate and marketing communications, however. Here’s why that needs to change.

You Need Ongoing, Multi-Point Engagement with your Audience

Docu-style filmmaking is a creative approach that delivers a great bang-for-your-buck. It offers the visual storytelling components that really engage an audience. The finished piece can both stand alone or be shortened and re-purposed for multiple marketing initiatives.

Documentaries bring out the emotional heart of a story, creating space for the audience to pay attention and care deeply about the subject.

Using this documentary-style format, you can get great content development leverage as well. For instance, you can create a series of narratives that help your audiences to trust and value what you have to say. With that emotional currency you can foster a real connection that drives deeper brand engagement.

Your Brand must be Personal and Personable

Any time you are trying to connect meaningfully with the individuals that make up your target audience, documentary storytelling can help: think  healthcare or financial services communications, for instance. It seems at the core of every healthcare company communication is the ultimate takeaway message of “improving patient’s lives,” regardless of what the company is selling. Yet on so many healthcare websites and social media posts, we instead see little more than the same generic medical stock photos. There are few video stories, and as a result these companies miss out on creating more authentic human connection. Their communications do not feel differentiated, one company from the other.

People want to engage with brands that speak to them in a very personal way. As consumers we have a choice to do business with companies that connect to subjects we care about. So when given the option to go with company A, which makes a real human connection through documentary storytelling, and company B, which tells its story through generic stock photography, it becomes a “no-brainer!”

You Want an Authentic Connection to your Audience

Need ideas for how to tell your organization’s story through documentary-style storytelling? Think about a free consultation with our pro’s. We’ll give you ideas for how to make your company’s stories resonate, strike an emotional chord, and more authentically connect with your target audiences. Contact us today and let’s start the conversation.

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