Super Bowl emotional advertising alternatives

How to Highlight Great Emotional Content Without a Super Bowl-Sized Budget

Super Bowl emotional advertising alternativesOk. I admit it. I am one of those people who watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and the halftime show.  Just like a true sports fan who preps for the big game armed with stats and fueled with carbs, I read all the ad industry buzz on what to expect and watch all the teaser spots released prior to the broadcast. On the big day, I’m primed to be amazed.

Working for a mission driven company, I was particularly looking forward to seeing spots by brands that are inspiring and engaging us through acts of social good. They spent upwards of five million dollars per spot on airtime, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars in production costs, to do so.

Super Bowl Ads Focused on Helping Others

Stella Artois was back this year with “Taps,” shining a spotlight on the ongoing efforts of to help millions of people around the globe get access to clean safe water and sanitation.

I haven’t bought my chalice yet, but I’m thinking about it.

I loved the Budweiser “Stand By You” spot. Anheuser-Busch InBev has a Super Bowl tradition of showing one spot during the broadcast whose purpose is to inspire, and this year’s choice did not disappoint. Their spot featured real company employees, not scripted actors, doing their part to help fellow Americans during some of the worst natural disasters this year.

This is sixty seconds of brilliant film making that tugs at the heartstrings in such a moving way, without making me feel manipulated by the company behind the brand. Brilliant!

My favorite spot of the night was Hyundai’s “Hope Detector,” not because it was the most clever, or had the craziest concept, or dazzled me with visual effects, but because they had me at these few words of copy: “Thanks to millions of our owners hope is our greatest feature. And it comes standard on every Hyundai.” The spot showcased Hyundai’s Hope on Wheels initiative, which helps fund childhood cancer research and raise public awareness.

Truly moved by the spot, I then went to check out more of their customer and “real people” stories on Hyundai’s website and social media.

To be honest, Hyundai is a brand I would never even think of. I’m currently driving a great car with a little over 200,000 miles and when it finally hits the dust, I now might just check out Hyundai along with my standard go-to car choices.

Inspiring Change … and Brand Loyalty

Are these companies selling product? Sure they are. But they’re bringing awareness to causes and issues that affect us all. With this kind of docu-style story set up, they plant the seed that we as consumers can be agents of positive change through our everyday purchasing choices and brands we’re loyal to.

At MediaVision, we’re encouraging our clients and the companies we would like to be working with to invest in this kind of  “real people, real stories, real results,” filmmaking in their corporate communications. As experienced documentary producers, we’re highly skilled in uncovering that great narrative, communicating the emotional truth and crafting visual stories that deliver results within tight budgets and deadlines. Companies don’t need a Super Bowl budget to produce great content and they don’t have to dig too deep to find engaging stories to replace those generic stock photos they all have on their websites.

The Olympics primetime broadcast is right around the corner and we can surely anticipate seeing more awe-inspiring content and thought provoking commercials. But we don’t have to wait for these big television events to see great filmmaking examples of companies, their customers and their employees creating positive change in the world. No story is too small. With the right mindset, the right lens, and the right production partners you can create emotionally connective content with your own company’s stories.

We’re inspired to create those pieces and bring those stories to life. Are you? Let’s talk!

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